SimuAWIPS Horizon

See a limited demo of the new functionality


Modern and Intuitive

We're modernizing and simplifying nearly every component of our system, from graphics to menus and even sound. Maps are easier manipulate, with intuitive menus that allow quick access to datasets and products.


Pan Tilt and Zoom

Examine products from any angle with our new rendering engine powered by CesiumJS. Multiple views of products in single, dual, quad and tabbed panel modes provide excellent situational awareness for forecasters, emergency managers and enthusiasts.


University and Agency

Partnering universities and institutions can receive free accounts for all students and faculty. Additionally, enterprise customers who pay one flat monthly rate receive customized map and asset display.

View the suite of meteorological products, from any angle.
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Hardware Accelerated

Our new system takes advantage of WebGL, a 3D graphics rendering technology built into most modern desktop browsers. For the best performance, we strongly recommend systems with at least 8GB of RAM and dedicated graphics cards from nVidia or AMD. We've optimized Horizon for use on the latest 64 bit versions of Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox and Google Chrome and Windows and macOS. *

Older systems and devices with integrated video technologies can still utilize our system, with reduced performance settings.

* Mobile and tablet currently not supported.

Easy selection of radar sites, high resolution domains and products.
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